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Infrastructure Manager

Role purpose
Plan, organize, and manage infrastructure staff and/or consultants to ensure the stable and secure operation of the organization’s IT infrastructure. This includes developing, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing key functional areas, particularly network infrastructure, server infrastructure, data communications, and telecommunications systems and Database Administration. The Infrastructure Manager will also manage end-user help desk and direct activities to resolve hardware and software problems in a timely and accurate fashion. Directs and coordinates voice, network and data information systems and staff.

Key Accountabilities
  • Performs analysis of network needs and contributes to design of network architecture, integration and installation.
  • Maintains network hardware and software, including servers, PABX, peripherals, network nodes.
  • Works with end users to ensure that the computer system platform provides sufficient computing resources to deliver the desired level of business performance.
  • Coordinates with other departments in order to understand and meet their requirements.
  • Evaluates network hardware and software requirements and capabilities and makes recommendations.  Checks systems in order to optimize performance and to initiate recovery action after system failures.
  • Establishes budgetary requirements for equipment replacement.
  • Establishes and controls systems access and security.
  • Provides support to and trains users in local area network administration and usage.
  • Maintains network stability, collects and analyses network and memory utilization, and installs and tests software upgrades.
  • Manages computer operation scheduling, backup, storage and retrieval functions.
  • Coordinates third-party maintenance for network hardware, software and telecommunications services.
  • Prepares and maintains documentation of network configurations and cabling layouts.
  • Develops, maintains and tests disaster recovery plans.
  • Trains users in the operations of office productivity applications.
  • Directly supervises employees and carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws.
  • Performs other non-essential duties as assigned.
  • Others assigned by the CTO.

Qualification & Experience Requirements
Education: Bachelor degree. Majoring in Computer Science, Information Technology  or equivalence
Other required Degree, Professional Qualifications and Certifications: MCSA, MCSE, CCNA; security, firewall,…
Technical/ Professional/ Specific Competency Requirements:
  • Strong knowledge of computer system hardware and recent version of Windows Server, Unix/Linux, Virtual, Datacenter, VMWare, …
  • Solid understanding of computer networking techniques and administration, WAN, LAN
 Relevant Working Experience
  • At least 10 years in similar role
  • At least 10 years in managing computer network operation and systems administration
Required Languages: Fluent English & Vietnamese
Personality Requirements  
  • Proactive and creative thinking
  • Presentation skills and work organization
  • Able to work overtime and on weekends
  • Work ethic.

Please send your application to the following address:

Ms. Nguyệt Linh 
Tel: 028 22201050     Ext: 125
Office address: 
9th Floor, Sun Red River Building, 23 Phan Chu Trinh, Hanoi
HCM Branch office: 18th Floor, Green Power Building, 35 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, HCM