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Actuarial Manager in charge of Profit and risk management

Role purpose
Profit management division is created to help the BOM to achieve the profit objectives of the company by conducting various analyses of financial results utilizing more sophisticated actuarial methods and tools such as RAFM and it will provide useful information and action plans to the management.
Manager of Profit management division has responsibilities to provide valued reports and recommendations for BOM’s decision regarding Embedded Value, profit analysis by product and by channel, analysis of gain by sources, financial projections (business plan), expense budget management, expense study and other experience analysis, and form investment strategy in coordination with Investment department and Investment committee.

Key Accountabilities
Task 1: Embedded Value
  • Calculate EV per year and compare to the previous year EV
  • Recommendations for BOM’s decisions
Task 2: Analysis of Gain by sources
  •  Prepare the analysis of gain by sources per year and compare to the previous year report
  •  Recommendations for BOM’s decisions
Task 3: Budget expense & financial projection (Business plan)
  • Follow the Budget & Business plan preparation and management process
  • Provide Loading projection for in-force and new business to CFO by utilizing RAFM
  • Analysis of Gain by sources projection
  • Proposed Budget &  Financial projection (BP)
Task 4: Expense Study+ Coordinate with Chief Accountant / CFO and the team for expense data/Statistic data
  • Coordinate with the department head for Time Survey by departments
  • Analysis data & proposed unit cost expense factors
  • Review Expense Study
  • Get AA’s approvalSubmit to CEO/BOM for final approval
Task 5: Expense loading assumptions for new products+ Coordinate with Sales department head for Sale figures
  • Coordinate with CFO for business plan
  • Coordinate with Pricing team for new Credit product modeling
  • Analysis data & propose expense assumptions for new product
  • Review expense assumptions for new product
  • Get AA’s approval
  • Road map of economic scale of new product/ Fund level and Total Company level
 Task 6: Form investment strategy in coordination with Investment department and Investment committee
  • Coordinate with Investment department to improve the asset portfolio management and achieve higher return on assets.
  • Coordinate with Investment department to improve the asset liability management (ALM) position by providing information provided by RAFM.
  • Decide the pricing interest rates when new product is developed by considering the above two components.(Return and Risk management)
  • Form investment strategy after all those three consideration above together with Investment department and submit to BOM and Investment Committee for their decision making.
Task 7: Fund Split methodology and monitor
  • Coordinate with Accountant for Expense data
  • Coordinate with Valuation team for Statistic data
  • Market research analysis
  • Analysis data & propose new method
  • Review Fund split method
  • Get AA’s approval
  • Submit to CEO/ BOM/ MOF
  • Yearly monitor the results of fund-split
Task 8: various experience studies
  • Mortality,
  • Lapse rate
  • Claim ratio
  • Interest rate
Task 9: Join ad-hoc projects related to actuarial matters and satisfy development of actuarial team

Qualification & Experience Requirements
Education: Actuarial Background
SOA (Society of Actuary) certificates or Equivalent certificates.
Other required Degree, Professional Qualifications and Certifications: Accounting
Technical/ Professional/ Specific Competency Requirements
Skills of documentation, communication and presentation
Relevant Working Experience
At least 3 years of actuarial experience
Required Languages: English (fluently)
Information technology/ Technical tools
Modeling or programming in the actuarial software

Personality Requirements
  • Professional competency
  • Accuracy, sense of responsibility
  • Activeness, teamwork;
  • On time schedule control skills

Please send your application to the following address:
Ms Mai Lan
Tel: 028 22201050     Ext: 125
Office address: 9th Floor, Sun Red River Building, 23 Phan Chu Trinh, Hanoi
HCM Branch office: 14th Floor, Green Power Building, 35 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, HCM